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Granta 126 Sigrid Rausing

Granta 126

Sigrid Rausing

Published January 23rd 2014
ISBN : 9781905881796
272 pages
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The weekend her father left -- left the house, the town, the country, everything, packing so lightly I believed he would come back -- he said You can raise Nickie by yourself. Youll be good at it. And I had said, Are you on crack? And he replied, continuing to fold a blue twill jacket, Yes, a little.--Lorrie MooreHey, Paul yelled out. Whys everybody talking behind the patients back? Shut up, were having sex, she called back. She poured a cup for herself. He seems pretty chipper this morning. Yeah, I dont know what to hope for, I said. Quality, I guess. And then not too much quantity.--David GatesIf everything we said had been a poem, the index of first lines would have formed a pattern: Do you remember, Tell me if I remember wrong, There was that time, Wasnt it funny when--Anne BeattieAnd Abeer Ayyoub, Bernard Cooper, Olivia Laing, Laura Kasischke, Thomas McGuane, Colin McAdam, Katherine Faw Morris, Melinda Moustakis, Norman Rush, Edmund White and Joy Williams